20 Jan 2011

Making another movie Johnny Depp Is Not Dead
20 Jan 2011

Car's up for sale Eclipse
20 Jan 2011

Haven't been shooting much lately but got a few shots in over the winter thus far Winter 2010-11
06 June 2010

Camped at William O'Brien State Park over Memorial Day Weekend
27 November 2009

Thanksgiving at Paul & Des's!
08 June 2009

Finally sorted through the pictures from the trip to: Europe.
22 April 2008

Had an opportunity to take some shots at the Como Zoo, and had a short trip with a friend to Red Wing MN recently as well. Some of the pictures can be found here.
22 April 2008

Bought a small, cheap point & shoot camera that only shoots in infrared. Also took some shots at the Como Conservatory.
06 April 2008

Tried to narrow down some shots from the trip to Austin, TX.
02 March 2008

Wandered around in frozen drizzle today to shoot some bridges.
07 December 2007

Spent Christmas and New Years in Tennessee, and took some on a short trip to the Smokies: Here.
07 December 2007

It snowed pretty well this weekend, went out with a friend and took some shots: Snow.
05 July 2007

Took some pictures of fireworks in Minneapolis last night.


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